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Health & Fitness

Lose your weight before you lose your mind!

Based on your weight, age, and sex, Karafs will calculate your daily calorie budget and according to that you can manage your calorie intake and allocate it among your meals. With Karafs you can change your lifestyle and abandon your bad habits.

Calorie counting

Calorie counting is the most reliable and effective way to lose or gain weight. By eating food you gain calories and by exercising you burn calories. The net calorie (gained calories – burnt calories) determines whether you’re becoming fat or thin.

It’s easy to use Karafs. All you need to do is to follow the calorie budget that application gives you and be patient and hopeful. Remember that Karafs is for people who want to make a good change in their lives.

App features:

  • Karafs teaches you how to cook healthy meals by providing you with diverse recipes.
  • Karafs has a lot of videos to show you how to do exercises to be fit.
  • You can see your consumed calorie report whenever you want.
  • Karafs gives you healthy recommendation every day.

Karafs Team is constantly updating and debugging this application. If you faced any kind of problems, please contact us at support@karafsapp.com.

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