About Cafe Bazaar

“Bazaar” is a platform for the offering of Android applications and games developed by the Avayeh Hooshmand Hamrah Hezardastan company and is currently owned by the Hezardastan Technology Development Group.

Cafe Bazaar was established in January of 2011 by graduates and students of Iranian universities and has, since then, sought to provide a comprehensive platform of digital services and products to Android users with the collaboration of enthusiastic and talented Iranian developers.

What do we do?

Cafe Bazaar is striving to provide advantages to other Android stores, whether domestic or abroad, and to optimize and localize our services for Iranian users.

Below are some examples from the broad array of services we provide:

·   Publishing applications and games in Farsi,

·   Providing easy payment services for domestic users,

·   Selected content chosen by Cafe Bazaar editors,

·   24 hours a day/7 days a week support for users and developers.


In addition to hosting applications and games Farsi, Bazaar also provides access to English language content.

Cafe Bazaar Today

According to the annual report from 2017, and updates from September of 2018, the Cafe Bazaar application has over 38 million installs, of which 98% are in Iran, and 162,000 applications and games developed by 23,800 active developers – with at least one published product. In the last year, non-Iranian developers and publishers have shown a great interest in working with Cafe Bazaar and formally published 800 applications and high-quality games from 120 developers for Iranian users.

Shareholders and firms:

Cafe Bazaar was developed by the Avayeh Hooshman Hamrah Hezardastan company and is currently owned by the Hezardastan Technology Development Group.

The Shareholders of the Hezardastan Technology Development Group are as follows:



Founders and managers  


Employees’ incentive


Rahnema Kamyaban Nokhostin Co.        


Novin Andishan Sarava Pars Co.       


Other legal entities


Incentive Share Committed to Employees     



Our commercial partners are the developers that publish their content on Cafe Bazaar.

phone: 02174314000

Find us on social media:

Twitter: @cafebazaar and @bazaarlife

Instagram: @cafebazaar

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