Terms of Service

The following is the explanation of the terms of service for Cafe Bazaar’s application and website, located at cafebazaar.ir, and the services provided through these platforms.

Use of our products constitutes agreement with the terms outlined. In order to understand the conditions of using Cafe Bazaar, please study the following and contact us should you have any questions.



Age Restriction: You must be at least 18 years old in order to create a Cafe Bazaar account and use the billing services. If you are below 18 years of age, request that your parents or legal guardian establish an account and monitor your activity.

What Users Require: To access our services, a device is needed with compatible software and access to the internet. These two factors will influence the quality of performance and the way Cafe Bazaar services are provided. The market is currently only active on Android phones and is not available on the website or other phones.

Cost of Use: Cafe Bazaar is currently free and you will not be charged for its installation and use. However, in order to access its services, internet access is required. For this reason, your internet service provider may charge you for usage of internet data. Also, if you wish to use an application that isn’t free or take advantage of features that are not free inside a game that was free to install, you would need to pay for those services.

International Users: All applications inside Cafe Bazaar are maintained on servers inside Iran. Using Cafe Bazaar outside of Iran is possible but determinations regarding the legality of using Cafe Bazaar’s services is the responsibility of the user. Cafe Bazaar has no responsibility in this regard.


Purchasing from Cafe Bazaar

·         We have tried to consider all aspects of secure mobile payment. Therefore, all the information you enter at the time of payment is entered into the bank account and will under no circumstances be recorded or stored by Cafe Bazaar and, therefore, will only be traceable through the bank account used.

·         In order to make purchases and use products that are not free, you must create a user account. All requirements set forth with regards to the sale and purchase of products of Cafe Bazaar abide by all existing national law.

·         If you wish to use a game that is not free on Cafe Bazaar, you must first pay the cost as posted. All prices listed on the site are up to date. The prices of all apps are fixed and any change in price will not affect purchases that have been recorded and executed.  

·         If a product that you purchased was eliminated from Cafe Bazaar within seven days of your purchase for any reason, we will be obligated to reimburse your payment. However, if the time between your purchase and the removal of that application is more than one week, Cafe Bazaar will have no obligation to reimburse the acquisition cost.

·         With regards to in-app purchases, the service in question is purchased directly from the developer. Therefore, the conditions of service and the regulations are to be outlined by the developer and adherence to them is necessary. It is also worth mentioning that the responsibility to provide the services purchased is with the developer.

·         Updates to applications, that usually rectifies previous errors, will be available on Cafe Bazaar without charge.

·         For answers to frequently asked questions regarding payment in Cafe Bazaar please refer to this page and the section relating to financial issues.


Cafe Bazaar User Account

To access the entirety Cafe Bazaar services, the creation of a user account is required, which as previously stated, is only available to those of 18 years or older.

To create an account in Cafe Bazaar the submission of a cell phone number is required. You can choose your own username and post your opinions about applications under that name. However, if the username has one of the following issues, the opinions of the user will not be posted publicly:

·         If it includes the user’s contact information (such as a cellphone number or email address, an IP address or a username for Telegram or other such social media platforms)

·         If it includes offensive content or insults

·         If it promotes other websites or programs.

Please consider that the responsibility for all purchases, downloads, searches and generally all activity being conducted by a user’s account is the responsibility of that user and not the responsibility of Cafe Bazaar.

For this reason, it is necessary that users take into consideration all security issues when operating their account. Some of these issues include:

·         Do not enter your account for many different devices;

·         As soon as you acquire a new phone number, you should register that new number into your account. You should also not release your existing phone number until your account information has been updated.

If at any point you become aware of an unauthorized use of your account, you should contact us.



Cafe Bazaar’s user privacy policy, that is available here, clearly describes Cafe Bazaar’s approach towards user privacy. This policy statement is part of the terms of service for using Cafe Bazaar products and services.



All texts, graphics, user interfaces, intuitive interfaces, photos, trademarks, application codes, and all the "content", including the structure, selection, synchronization, expression and arrangement of content on the site and the app belongs to Cafe Bazaar. Using Cafe Bazaar’s content or services does not entitle the user to any material or intellectual property. Users are only permitted to use them with the permission of the owners of the services or by law. Therefore, any use of the logos and trademarks of the services without the permission of the provider is prohibited.

The content of the products published on Cafe Bazaar are not owned by Cafe Bazaar and the legal responsibility for them lies with the developer. Content being posted on Cafe Bazaar is usually reviewed to ensure that it does not violate the law or Cafe Bazaar policy, but due to the breadth and variety of products posted, this is not always possible.


Submitting a comment on Cafe Bazaar

Submitting an opinion is always possible on the pages of the applications. All comments are reviewed at most 4 hours after submission and comments that have one or more of the following issues will not be available for public viewing:

·         The use of offensive content;

·         Comments that involves promotional or defamatory rhetoric regarding an app developer on a page other than that of that particular developer’s product page;

·         Any content contradictory to community standards;

·         Any content that violates the laws of the Islam Republic of Iran;

·         Any content insulting to deities, officials, individuals or ethnicities;

·         Any kind of advertisement content;

·         Any links or addresses for other websites;

·         Any content encouraging votes or likes in favor of an application;

·         Any content that includes a phone number, email address or personal contact information of any kind as an opinion;

·         The username of individuals in other sites like a Telegram ID;

·         Requests or invitations to chat;

·         Any opinion irrelevant to the application.


How to Stop Using Cafe Bazaar

 We are always trying to improve our services. In this context, we may add or remove certain features or functions or reduce their restrictions or add a restriction. We may also completely eliminate a service or suspend it. Our goal is to improve the services we are providing but the decision as to whether to continue using these services is up to you. If you choose to discontinue receiving Cafe Bazaar services, be sure to contact us. After that your account will be terminated and will no longer be usable (even for the previous user). But some information such as transaction history cannot be removed for legal reasons and will be kept by Cafe Bazaar.



We strive to provide the most precise and reliable services to our users and we hope that we can attain the satisfaction of all users. However, other than what has been outlined in this document, and its related documents, we can provide no other commitments regarding our services.


Consequences of Violating Terms

Abusing Cafe Bazaar services in any way, including but not limited to the use of services disruption, use of malicious software and spyware, illegitimate request for refund of purchased products, attempting to log in to an account in a manner other than what is prescribed, use of bots and any other malicious methods to gain unauthorized access to website information, its applications and content through any system or network, and the illegitimate imposition of additional burden on Cafe Bazaar servers and services is illegal. If such activity is detected by Cafe Bazaar, the matter will be pursued through the proper legal channels.  

The use of Cafe Bazaar services to violate the rights of individuals or national laws is illegal and Cafe Bazaar is not responsible for such actions.

In case of such violations, the account in question will be suspended by Cafe Bazaar and the matter will be pursued legally.

The matter not being pursued immediately does not mean the violation has been ignored or that the right to pursue recourse has been waived.  


Changes to This Document

The content of this document is not permanent and is subject to change based on changes in Cafe Bazaar’s policies. If these changes are significant users will be notified through their user accounts.


Opinions and Information

Any questions, comments or recommendations should be conveyed to us through our phone number or email address. Rest assured that we will respond to you at the first possible opportunity and that we will take our opinions into consideration when improving our services.


Last updated: August of 2019