Yoga: Workout, Weight Loss app

Yoga: Workout, Weight Loss app

Version 1.67
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Category Health & Fitness
Size 86 MB
Last Update 2023 November 22
Yoga: Workout, Weight Loss app

Yoga: Workout, Weight Loss app

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Version 1.67
Install +10 K
Category Health & Fitness
Size 86 MB
Last Update 2023 November 22
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<font color="#FF3333">All-in-one Yoga App is here to help you stay fit and healthy always. </font> Yoga is an old practice where body poses and specific exercises help in a more fit body. It has more than 100 Yoga Exercises for Beginners and advanced that can not only help you with Weight Loss but also make you more healthy and fit.

For any good habit like Yoga, you need to follow a Daily Yoga Routine, Best thing about this Yoga App is that it’s Beginner Friendly and can be done by anyone and some Yoga are very beneficial for their mind and health.

These yoga workouts are suitable for all age groups and gender. These Yoga For Beginners can also be used to lose your belly fat, help with height increase, better digestion and overall more fit body.

These yoga asanas will help you lose calories in a more natural way without straining your body much. This Workout app is the best way to keep your inner core balanced without doing excessive gymming or exercises. Yoga is all in one practice where you not only get the benefit of a Workout but you also get the benefit of Meditation.

😇 <font color="#FF3333">Free yoga App</font>
This Free Yoga app is perfect for beginners and you can be fit at home. But some advanced Yoga Poses are premium can be unlocked.

☮️ <font color="#FF3333">All popular Yoga Poses are available</font>
From Suryanamashkar to Ashtanga Yoga, all types of yoga are available only on this Yoga App.

🤩 <font color="#FF3333">Easy to learn Yoga Exercise Videos</font>
With easy explanations, the animated Yoga Videos help you perfect any yoga pose easily. Reap the benefit of a healthy lifestyle after you do Yoga Daily

🏠 <font color="#FF3333">All Yoga Workouts can be done at home</font>
Home yoga workouts that do not need a yoga expert and some yoga can also be done at office. Learn yoga yourself and do it daily. Yoga is the best habit you can follow. It's recommended that you follow Morning Yoga Routine. Yoga for Beginners that can learnt easily

💪 <font color="#FF3333">Asanas for every healthy body part</font>
This Yoga App has face exercises to exercises to relieve your pain. All in one app for yoga for all your problems

🏋️ <font color="#FF3333">Yoga for Weight Loss</font>
These Yogas helps you shred some calories in a more natural way. Especially Surya Namashkar is a potent Yoga for Weight Loss. There are many other Yoga for Weight Loss available in the app

🤟 <font color="#FF3333">Filter Based on Requirement</font>
You can select what is your goal, whether you want good hair, a Beautiful face, or need to boost your immunity we have yoga asanas for every goal

<font color="#FF3333">Special features of this Free Health and Fitness App</font>
✅ 30 days fitness challenge
✅ Burn fat at home to do daily exercise tips
✅ Yoga for stretching for flexibility
✅ This free workout app boost your energy quickly
✅ Exercise app for Yoga Meditation with music
✅ Yoga asanas to lose belly fat and get a flat stomach
✅ Hatha extreme yoga workouts for fitness & strength
✅ Vinyasa Yoga to enhance Core Stability
✅ Yin yoga for the neck & shoulders.

So what are you waiting for download the yoga app for your fitness needs and share the results with your friends and family? Step on to the Fitness Journey and follow the Daily Workout Routine. So what are you waiting for download the Yoga App for beginners now.

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