GymShow:calorie, diet home workout

GymShow:calorie, diet home workout

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GymShow is a specialized bodybuilding, fitness and calorie counting application that has been designed using the years of experience of the country's top coaches, as well as a detailed analysis of the needs of the general public, athletes and coaches.

Some Athletic Facilities:

- Calorie count

Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. This diet is based on the amount of calories your body needs.

In calorie counting, you can achieve the ideal weight by setting a goal to increase and decrease weight, taking into account the level of daily activity and the amount of weekly weight change.

- Food bank includes 4000 different foods

- Activity bank includes 2000 sports and daily activities

- Connecting calorie counts to exercise and nutrition programs

- Record daily calorie consumption reminders

- Home workout 

The possibility of exercising at home is one of the requirements today. With the help of GymShow Sports TV, it is possible to practice with hundreds of training videos and weekly programs presented at home, such as the Sports Club.

- Hundreds of videos and training packages

- Dozens of weekly training programs for different age groups with any level of physical fitness

- Ability to download videos and view offline

- Ability to record the calories burned training based on the amount of minutes

- Registration of exercises and progress rate in the training package

- Exercise, diet and nutrition programs

One of the problems and challenges facing most people is getting a training program and diet from experienced trainers and experts. In order to meet this challenge, GymShow has launched the GymShow Express service. Users can receive their programs from top coaches and experts by registering a request to receive the program in this service. Other benefits of this service include cost-effectiveness of programs, fast sending of programs and ensuring the quality of the received program.

GymShow has also provided a platform for all coaches. Therefore, in addition to GymShow Express, users are able to receive their program from their favorite coaches.

- List of gyms and trainers

Ability to view and communicate with trainers and gyms

- Gym memberships

Membership in gyms

- Fitness, Yoga and Pilates movements bank

Full bank of fitness, yoga, Pilates exercises including videos, specifications and descriptions of the movement.

- Offline movements

Download fitness, yoga, Pilates exercises and watch them without the internet

- Music Bank

Complete Sports Music Bank

- Run an exercise program

Possibility to get PDF version of training program and execution in two simple and advanced ways, recording daily training information and sending report to trainer

- Implement a nutrition and supplement program

Ability to download the program's PDF file and use reminders for meals

- Health records

Ability to file health records and record weight, BMR and BMI records


Some features of the trainer section:

- Registration of user profile by the trainer and added to the trainer bank

- Gym memberships

- View program request list

- Create fitness programs

- Create nutrition and supplement programs

- See gymshow's fitness exercises

- Recording the trainer's proprietary movements

- See athlete training report

Some gym Facilities:

- Register gym information and add to gym bank

- Register gym news and inform trainers and athletes

- Manage the list of trainers and athletes

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هزینه‌ حق شماست ولی چرا آنقدر گرون ، 80 هزار تومن برای برنامه یک ماهه خیلی زیاده ، تو باشگاه هزینه برنامه 40 هزار تومنه
اگه پولی نبود بهتر بود
Atefe Zarei
فوق العاده عالی برنامه پیشنهادم جهت کیفیت بیشتر برای شما افزایش فهرست غذاها،تنقلات.🙏🌹
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دیگه بهتر از این چی می‌خوایم همیار رفیق پا به پا آدم و همراهی میکنه
عالیه ممنون ازسازنده اش که اینقد کامله
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خیلی بد همش پولیه
عالی برنامه تون
پیمان جوکار
برنامه عالی و دقیقیه از نظر محاسبات کالری دریافتی و کالری سوزی👏👌
فرهاد شفافی
واقعا تا این جا منو لاغر کرده دمش گرم