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zireh calorie counter

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calorie counter is one of the most comprehensive and safe scientific tools for fitness all over the world. Dr. Kermany’s diet has achieved significant success and helped alot of people to gain healthy weight Based on this tool.

Simply saying, calorie is the amount of energy which is in each food.

Human’s body needs a certain amount of calorie based on his daily activity.

So, if the amount of gaining calories during the day is more than body’s need, it will be converted to  fat and causes weight gain.

Thus people who want to identify and supply the required amount of body’s calorie should know the amount of calories in each food.

Good news:

Behandam company has designed food calorie and activities’ bank app called “Zireh” for ios and android devices To help users simply achieve informations

Zireh app options:

1. You can choose the portion size and type of food and “Zireh” counts it’s amount of calorie.

2. You can register the food portion size you want to eat during the day and calculate the sum of it’s calories.

3. It shows you the amount and type of activity which is needed for burning each food calorie.

4. It suggest you general workout for burning calories.

5. You can study the information about food nutritional value and their features.

6. It trains you how to do exercises correctly.

7. “Zireh” makes you familiar with high calorie and low calorie foods so that you can choose the food you eat daily.

8. You can see the proportion chart between food and activities and compare them.

9. Quick search of food and activities is possible in this app.

10. You can calculate MBI, ideal weight, overweight and underwieght and share them with others.

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