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This great app includes over 60 different sports moves including dumbbells, barbells, balls, mechanical devices, weights, gestures, and you can get your fitness. There are numerous HD movies available on the program, where you can learn how to do the right sporting moves.


Bodybuilding App Features:

1- One of the best fitness training programs in Farsi.

2. More than 80 types of bodybuilding exercises

3. Video tutorials (videos and photos) to do the basic and correct exercises

4. Add functionality to your workout list

5. Have pre-workout plans

You can do some explanation, including the number of weights, and ...

Extremely beautiful and user-friendly design

Ability to add daily profile

And dozens of other unique features ...


In general, if you are a sports and body builder and are looking for a great fitness program, you'll never lose your bodybuilding app.

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