Balonet - Professional Messaging

Balonet - Professional Messaging

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Balonet; Professional Messeging

Balonet is a chat-based workspace or enterprise social network, helps teams and friends collaborate across projects, ledger, documents, ideas, ... in an agile, connected & all-in-one platform.

Project management, meeting management, financial management and creating different forms are some of its facilities for team activities.

Now available services on Balonet are:

✔ Project

This tool provides complete project management capabilities. Introducing a list and work together and you also can have conversation, insert connected and introducing some professional facilities like progress percentage, weight, budget, label, work status and so on.

✔ Meeting Box

It is an instrument for managing meetings. Creating and scheduling one or more meetings, inviting participants, insert meeting agenda and approvals.

✔ Ledger

Add transactions for managing income and expense with label, source, category & reporting features for personal or team-based use.

✔ Form

Create custom form with custom field and add friends or colleagues to fill in. Different kind of forms are hiring form, registration form and etc.

✔ Survey channels

An Special facility for polling among users. Ask your questions and collect others responses as a report.

✔ Test channels

Creating different types of test like hiring test, intelligence test and so on.

✔ Education channel

Creating an virtual class to training online by defining textbook.

✔ Workgroup

Similar to groups except you can add task and transaction inside message and then filter them.

✔ Network

For building a special space for team, department, branch or mega project with mailbox and calendar.

✔ Workspace Tab

Personal space to viewing your task and calendar.

✔ Chat, Group, Channel

Similar to other messenger, these can coverage all your communication needs.

➕ You can download other platform client (Windows, Web, Mac, Linux) on Balonet website.

please suggest upcoming services in the comments...

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