TankhahGardan for pettycash holders

TankhahGardan for pettycash holders

Version 1.0.8
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Tankhah Gardan is an online software for recording receipts and payments and managing petty cash reports. You can record all expenses incurred momentarily and categorize them into desired categories. Tankhah Gardan is always accessible and is available on Android and iOS and web.

Some features:

- Record all receipts and payments

- Attach bills and other documents to each transaction

- Generate petty cash reports and manage the process with a few clicks

- ٍExport petty cash reports with public format in PDF

- Provide classified reports of expenditures

- Announcement of petty cash account balance

- Scheduling daily tasks and reporting of unfulfilled tasks

- Communication with various accounting software for issuing accounting documents

- Unlimited definition of projects and companies

- Ability to join multiple petty cash holders in a single company and manage all the information in the admin panel

- Cloud-based and accessible from anywhere and any device

- Data security and instant backup and no worries about losing data

- And many other features.

Phone support: 02162995555

Telegram  support: https://t.me/TankhahGardanAdmin

Telegram Channel: https://t.me/TankhahGardan_com

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