Holoo Personal Accounting

Holoo Personal Accounting

Version 5.2
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Holoo Personal Accounting Software Version 5.2 has been released

Nowadays, with the expansion of daily activities and increasing current costs, it is necessary to use software to calculate current costs and revenues. Comprehensive software that can meet these basic needs, such as managing payable checks, recording revenue and expenses, reporting expenses and incomes, being able to remember checks due dates. Are.

Holoo Personal Accounting software provided by Torfeh Negar Group, the largest financial and office software developer in Iran, caters to your concerns.

Holoo Android Personal Accounting software has been honored at the Iranian Mobile Software Festival and has been selected as the top app in the toolkit by the public.

This product enables you to control all your expenses, revenue and view various reports and make your smart phone into an electronic wallet. In addition to the above, Holoo software in version 5.1 also offers the following features:

- Possibility of inserting a loan as a borrower and payer

- Systematically define all loan installments

- Ability to set reminders for installments periodically

- Possibility to get Excel output for loans and installments

- Ability to receive installment reports

- SMS accounting capability

This application is free to all users with the aim of developing the application of modern tools in daily life and we hope we can take an effective step to improve the quality of life of users of this software.

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