Mapsa - Accounting for projects

Mapsa - Accounting for projects

Version 3.2.3
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Mapsa is a specialized online software for accounting and managing costs of construction and implementation of various types of projects. It doesn't matter if your project is a building or farm, or an entire project or part of a project.

Mapsa has a free version and it always stays free.

Some Mapsa's Features:

- Record all receipts and payments

- Ability to attach the image of invoices and documents

- Manage payed and received checks and has reminders for them

- Manage petty cash reports and petty cash process with a few clicks

- Providing a variety of reports on the cost of the project

- Has a work calendar for managing tasks and recording workhouse reports

- Management of tools and equipment purchased for each project

- No limits for project definition

- Ability to share the project with others for better team work

- Mapsa is a cloud-base app and you never lose your information

- High data security and instant backup

- And many more features

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