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Among the main reasons for obesity are: lack of exercise, eating fast food, overeating, poor diet and .... noted. Fortunately weight gain is not a problem that can not be overcome and can proper exercise, the right diet and .... it fixed.from 2 months to reach your ideal weight. Should also note the strong will of the tips that you should keep in mind that one-two months will be difficult to pass, but a comfortable life. Of course, this does not mean that after the start overeating, low fat Tajarak and .... if not twice. You have anything to eat after the Prophet (PBUH) says: If've been eating a mouthful of garlic mandatory under you.
This set includes:
Exercise (for Kychk the hips and thighs)
Vrzhshy for small movements of the arms
Diets (first application) for 10 days
Diets (second application) 3 days
Zayy regimes in the Third Plan) 5 days
And low-calorie fat-burning herbs and spices

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