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MyTipax is a smart services application in Courier Service That providing possibility of online order 24 Hours, and allowing Customer end users and online businesses to send their parcels easily. The sender can place order online from any place in Tehran (at present time, it is possible to send package and cargo from Tehran to all over Iran; soon, it will be available in other cities). In less than one hour after placing the order, Tipax Assistant will be present at the sender’s location and will receive the package. Afterwards, the parcel will be on the way to be delivered to destination; in all procedures, the package can be tracked.


Possibilities of application while ordering online include but not limited to the following items:

  • Collecting parcels from 8:00 AM to 23 PM
  • Receiving and delivering as door-to-door
  • Receiving cargo from the sender not later than one hour after registration of the order
  • Providing packaging services when receiving the package
  • Possibility of sending package and envelope as required by the sender
  • Possibility of sending package, envelope and cargo as ground express
  • Possibility of sending package, envelope and cargo as air express
  • Possibility of online order of sending parcels by land and air
  • Possibility of simultaneous registration of 10 similar packages in one order
  • Possibility of simultaneous registration of 10 different items in one order
  • Shipment in the city not later than 24 hours
  • Sending parcels as intercity and transporting packages throughout the country


Various payment services, is another facility contrived in My Tipax. Considering Tipax payment services, in this application, the user is provided with the following services:


  • Registration of order as freight collect
  • Cash and/or credit payment when placing order
  • Payment service of cash on delivery for online businesses


In addition to online order of sending packages, point to point tracking of the parcel in every stages is also possible,  and the sender can see his/her package at any hour. Other facilities of this system are as follows:


  • Economical price for sending cargo and package from Tehran to all over Iran
  • Possibility of online tracking of parcel at any hour of the day and night
  • Possibility of online and free cost determination for sending packages from Tehran to different destinations
  • Possibility of cash and credit payment at the door
  • Possibility of seeing list of orders
  • Automatic saving of the sender and recipient’s information in recent orders
  • Sending packages, maximum 100 cm in length and width and height and 60 km in weight, via the application
  • Possibility to add sender or recipient to contact list and save them  
  • Indemnification of possible damages up to IRR 100,000,000
  • Sending package and cargo by motorcycle, pickup, truck and plane


Services of My Tipax is accessible via website Mytipax.tipaxco.com. Now, services of My Tipax applications is available in Tehran, and in the near future, it will be operated in different regions of Iran.

In addition to the website, for gaining information of updates and capabilities of the application, see social network of the system on Instagram, @Mytipax.

Moreover, online stores from Digikala, zanbil, Digistyle, Banimode, Abzarmart, Mootanroo, Modiseh, etc. to small online businesses can enjoy My Tipax services for sending their orders, and experience speed and confidence in sending their own packages. 

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