AloPeyk - On-Demand Delivery

AloPeyk - On-Demand Delivery

Version 3.9.4
Install +1 M
Category Maps & Navigation
Size 29 MB
Last Update 2022 February 25
AloPeyk - On-Demand Delivery

AloPeyk - On-Demand Delivery

Version 3.9.4
Install +1 M
Category Maps & Navigation
Size 29 MB
Last Update 2022 February 25
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AloPeyk is the first online transport system in Iran and is a super app that delivers all the facilities for delivery and transfer. AloPeyk offers its services in the cities of Tehran, Karaj, Shiraz and Mashhad. By registering on this online application, you can:

  • Send any item with a motor, car or pickup truck.
  • Move with a motor inside the city.
  • Send boxes or letters to other cities without going to post office.
  • Increase your sale with help of AloForoosh service. Send parcels for your customer and get your bill paid online when receiving them.

AloPeyk services

AloPeyk: Online Motorbike, Motor Taxi, and pickup truck

Alovanet: Heavy and Small Cargo Online Order

AloTaxi: Online Motor taxi for users

AloPost: The first online service for sending boxes to the Post Office in Iran

AloForoosh: On demand delivery request and online checkout while receiving parcels by customer

Why AloPeyk?

  • All logistic services in one app
  • Possibility to send multiple items and have multiple orders simultaneously
  • Orders Insurance
  • Order with return at a lower price
  • Smart search of locations in the city
  • Save locations as the favorite address
  • Online support within the day
  • Full delivery from the origin or destination
  • Possibility to monitor online
  • Guaranteed order safety and clearance
  • Customers Club
  • Ability to charge and transfer credit
  • Ability to chat with courier In-App
  • On demand Checkout for AloForoosh accounts for API, gold, silver, bronze customers
  • AloForoosh account money transferring to Alopeyk credit

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• Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, Aparat and Facebook: @alopeyk

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AghA Behroz_Karimi
AghA Behroz_Karimi
افراد پشتیبانی و تیم‌مرکز‌تماس فوق‌العاده ضعیف ضیعف ضعیف و گاهاً بی‌مسئولیت و بی‌تربیت... چندین ماه در الوپیک به‌عنوان پیک مشغول بودم و چیزی درخاطرم نیست در مواقع پیشامد مشکل،زیر یکساعت برای رفع مشکل اقدام کنند.بارها از جیب خودم هزینه کردم. آخرین سفرم مصادف شد با زورگیری گوشیم توسط یه مشتری وسلام
هنوز این برنامه با لوکیشن باز نمیشه. و آدرس رو باید دستی وارد کرد. جای بسی تاسف داره
برنامه شهرستان ها رو ساپورت نمیکنه !

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