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The major concern of truck drivers in Iran and other middle east countries is searching for appropriate loads to be carried out. Taraabar.net is a marketplace which provides a reliable solution for this concern. Long waiting for loads in terminals, low level of variety, low unit cost and after all, broker’s role in matchmaking process, all are the difficulties in logistics services which decrease the efficiency of the system and make drivers unhappy.

How have these concerns been solved by Taraabar.net as an online freight marketplace? In this app:

- Drivers are able to search all the loads which have been registered by shipment owners (e.g. business owners, merchants, manufacturers, etc.) directly and are compatible with their truck specifications.

- Drivers are able to select their desired load among all visible loads which include the properties of the load such as origin, destination, type of load and tonnage.

- Drivers are able to search and select loads all the time (24/7)


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