Taxi 360 Smart Comparison Taxi

Taxi 360 Smart Comparison Taxi

Install +200 K
Category Maps & Navigation
Size 49 MB
Last Update 2023 September 13
Taxi 360 Smart Comparison Taxi

Taxi 360 Smart Comparison Taxi

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Install +200 K
Category Maps & Navigation
Size 49 MB
Last Update 2023 September 13
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Apps and intelligent search engine transportation, urban and non-urban services

Taxi 360

Which is cheaper, Snap, TapC, Maxim, AloPeik?

The search engine to compare all taxis and couriers in the country, it is very easy, you specify the origin and destination, it shows you the price of all taxis and you can request a taxi or courier there.

Now you always travel comfortably and cheaper.

Tourist services and purchase of plane, train, bus tickets

Compare and search to buy plane, train and bus tickets in the whole country, with which you can find the cheapest plane tickets, etc. and easily book and proceed.

Through this section, you can buy plane tickets at a discount directly from Taxi 360.

Charging and billing services

Irancell, Hamrah-e-Aval, Raitel, etc., as well as internet packages and services of operators and payment of bills

About Taxi 360:

With this application, you can compare different online taxi services (Snap, Tepsi, Tap Cline) and motor courier (Alpek) in terms of price and request direct.

Other covered services: Carpino, Ding, Doxy, Touch C (Touch), Snapbox, Maxim, Ding, Qonqa

Taxi 360 is active in the cities of Tehran, Mashhad, Isfahan, Shiraz, Ahvaz, Karaj, Tabriz, Urmia, Yazd, Qom, Rasht, Kerman and Sari.

How to request a taxi and courier?

1. First, determine the origin and destination of your route on the map

2- At this moment, different service vehicles that are near you are visible on the map.

3. After determining the travel route, Taxi 360 will receive the price of various available services and show it to you.

4- You can compare the prices of different services and choose the most economical service for your trip.

5. You can use direct services.

Dear traveler:

  Tip 1: Taxi 360 program is available to you 100% free of charge, and you will not be charged for all the features of the software.

Tip 2: For non-cash payment (online) by pressing the credit payment button, you enter the desired application and proceed to pay, Taxi 360 program will not receive any amount from you.


Instagram: taxi360co


Contact us (Telegram): @taxi360co


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🚖 خیلی خوب...🙏 اگه نسخه تحت وب داشته باشه بهتر میتونست باشه که دیگه وابستگی به نصب هر سه برنامه اسنپ و تبسی و برنامه 360 نداشته باشه... انشاالله به همت برنامه نویسای باهوش کشور عزیزمون...
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