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NetBar | Drivers

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The NetBar is the intelligent transportation system in all parts of Iran, which connects cargo owners to the official fleet of cargo in the country.

Using the NetBar app, you can easily register your order by specifying the origin, destination and loading time, ensuring that it is handled by experienced drivers, and from loading time to reaching

the destination, observe the shipping status.

Advantages of the NetBar application

Global coverage with high safety

Real pricing

Easy and fast registration

How to join and get started

By installing the app and registration on the NetBar system, wherever you are and whenever you like, it's easy to see cargos proportional to the cars and routes you've already set out, from hundreds of shipping requests and filter them based on Price, date and distance and if you wish to carry it.

The NetBar Support Team is at your service at number 021-45175 for 24 hours (724) to answer questions or resolve any possible ambiguities.

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