Fatehan Tracking App

Fatehan Tracking App

Version 3.4.7
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**This app cannot be operate whithout Tracker Device**

This app is supported too many brands of Tracker Devices

Even if you haven't bought Tracker from Fatehan, you can also turn your Device to Fatehan Tracking System with a call to Fatehan customer service


Online and every moment tracking one or more of your devices( Cars, Humans and etc) .

Speed and direction of movement monitoring

Monitoring of cars state( Off, On, Moving and etc).

Trip Monitoring and History of Traveled Routes from 1 year ago

Review Stops With the Positions in Map and the Time of them

Monitoring Total and Trip Odometer

Display Time of The car states( Off, On, Moving and etc)

Remote Start and Cutoff Vehicle in_app

Remote Lock and Unlock the doors in_app

Receive Alarms from the ar states( Off, On, Moving and etc)

Receive Geo_Fence Alarms from the defined geographical area( like: entrace, exit and both)

Receive Door alarm( Like: open, close)

Alert unauthorized speed

Driver Behavior Analyzer and Dangerous Driving Alert( Hard Break, Spiral Movements and Extreme acceleration)

Receive Alarms from Crash Detector

Customization capability

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