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With Carmax you can stay connected to your car at any time. From Onboard vehicle diagnostics (OBD) to safety to Real-time driver behavior dashboard, Carmax will keep you in touch with your vehicle. Locate and track your car everywhere at any time. You can get reports of your driving behavior your car’s performance.

Carmax gives you:

    1- Average and total gas mileage

    2- Total Millage

    3- Average and maximum speed

    4- Duration of the trip and stops

    5- Engine temperature

    6- Number of Shocks and breaks

    7- Number of Engine starts

    8- Speed limit Alerts

    9- Errors and MILs

    10-Details of each trip

    11-Boundary and limits alerts

More features:

    1- Memorize parking location

    2- Add more vehicles to monitor at once

    3- Data connection

Coming soon:

    1- Leaderboard (compare your score with public or a private group)

    2- Advanced diagnostics and securely book your service with service shops and towing companies by “GARAJ” app

    3-Set Movement sensor

    4-Set Service Reminder

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