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Note: If you encounter an error message when installing the new version of Tehran, you first need to remove the previous version from the mobile and then install the new version.

In the fight against Corona disease, my Tehran app was updated.

Some features of this release:

· Get access to the latest news, announcements and tutorials on coronary artery disease

· Emergency contact with the emergency department to report coronary artery disease

· Submit a 137 application with issues related to coronary artery disease

· Ability to search for 137 topics

· Access to the map of the city of Tehran with the ability to search over 100 layers of information, personal routing and public transportation, display of places suitable for the disabled, view of the traffic situation of the passages and ...

· Possibility of scanning Tehran public passwords

· Inquiry and payment of car park location (marginal park)

· Read the electronic ticket card serial number using the NFC feature of the mobile phone

· View the remaining amount of electronic ticket card

Other features of this app:

· Electronic ticket card charging

· Buy a single subway table ticket

· Pay off the traffic plan and park margin

· Message recording and tracking 137

· Payment of service bills

· Paying municipal bills

· Paying annual car tolls

· Car and Motor Criminal Payments

Newer services will be added soon. Wait for new releases of my Tehran.

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