Garmsar Daargoon Hypermarket

Garmsar Daargoon Hypermarket

Version 1.0.2
Active installs

Daargoon is an online hypermarket that is currently operating at Garmsar City.

Buy Daargoon, online and cheap, and do not bother to buy yourself anymore

Daargoon features:

Free Shipping

Delivery in less than 30 minutes

Discount for all goods

Amazing Weekend Deals & Deals

Diversification of over ۲۵00 items

Internet payment or payment of cash at home or payment with a bank card (Daargoon courier is equipped with a paging machine).

Saving time

Comfort and prosperity in daily shopping

No need to use a vehicle

Available seven days a week from 09:00 to 23:۰0

Possibility of refund of goods and repayment

Possibility to deliver the order at the customer's preferred time

Ability to view status and track orders

24-hour support, 7 days a week are yours to meet loved ones

Easy to buy, in the shortest possible time with a courier and regular delivery fast will be the first benefit you will experience.

A time-honored gift management system for Darfur, which will make you more empowered and more efficient in your daily tasks.

Impressive variety, economic amazing prices  will keep you alive.

Website URL:

Telegram and Instagram daargoon: @daargoon

Phone Support: ۰۹۲۱۱۸۰۲۵۴۵

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