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Buying Fruits Online - Paying On-Site - Home Door Delivery

Buy fruits and vegetables and vegetables online

By installing a business  bazargam app you can get your high quality essentials at the best possible time and at a more reasonable price than the market.

- The price is right

- Free shipping on orders over 40,000 Toman

- Proper user

- The option of ordering any order at no cost

- Ability to make calls and make changes before sending

- Choice of delivery time from 10 am to 10 pm

- Instant delivery (under one hour )

- 7000 Toman  initial gift credit

- Credit charge 20% of payment per order for 7 days

- 7000 Toman Gift of Inviting Friends (1000 + 6000)

In the first phase of Bazargam, Tehran , Isfahan and Yazd provide services.

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