Pinket | Online Grocery

Pinket | Online Grocery

Version 1.3.0
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Do your Grocery and Supermarket shopping online from chain stores and receive 2-hour delivery as easy as possible by using Pinket application.

Using Pinket allows you to choose your groceries from over 29500 products and almost 190 different categories .

It doesn’t matter which supermarket you want. Pinket brings the store to your door. You can decide which chain store to shop at Shahrvand, Ofogh Kourosh , Hyperme , Hyper Family  

Shop quicker, easier and cheaper at PinKet. Save your time by less-than-2-hour delivery and save your money by promotions.

Features :

  • less-than-2-hour delivery
  • over 29500 different products
  • Search and choose easily
  • The ability to choose alternatives for your groceries in case of lack of products in stores
  • 24/7 support
  • Manage your shops, costs, addresses and…

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