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We know we are not the only public transport app in Tehran, but we are definitely the only app that is routing offline, especially in BRT.

Easily enter your desired origin and destination by switching off mobile Internet, analyzing tens of thousands of possible routes in seconds, and the best possible route will be shown to the passenger in both Metro and BRT . We strive to keep you up-to-date with timely updates to help you feel welcome when using public transportation in Tehran.

Masiro, with 2 extraordinary and unique features, has tried to accommodate the city's users and travelers, who come to Tehran for any reason and intend to use Tehran's public transport, but  They don't know the location of the stations.

1: Near Station option

With this option, the user or passenger anywhere in Tehran can see two of the nearest metro stations as well as two of the nearest BRT stations to your computing distance.

The second possibility is the destination voice notification option in BY:

Subway stations often have a destination voice alert system, but this is not possible in BRT , and even Tehrani travelers are often worried about getting off the bus because sometimes they even know the destination and are familiar with the area. , Crowds prevent the passenger from being able to see the bus outside and see if it has arrived at its destination.

2: destination voice alert system

Do not worry about losing your destination station by enabling the destination voice alert system in this software. Within two hundred and fifty yards of the destination, you will receive the audible warning that you are "approaching the destination".

In the case of subway stations, two points are also necessary.

First, there are sometimes four routes available for an origin and destination entered in offline metro routing. MASIRO is trying to suggest a route with the least switching station.

socondry , every once in a while, especially on Line 7, we'll see a new subway station open, and we plan to update the app at the same time as it opens and allow users to use that station on the same day. .

This app is available in two versions of Android and ios dear compatriots.

This app is completely free to use and has no connection with any particular organization.

Be sure to include your comments on software issues and possibly the requested features in future updates.

Please contact us by email.

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