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GymShow - fitness Coach & Gym

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Gymshow is a specialized fitness, yoga and Pilates app that is designed and manufactured using years of experience from top trainers, as well as a detailed analysis of the needs of athletes and trainers in the field. The athlete version is dedicated to the athletes and its trainer-gym version is dedicated to trainers and gym managers.

Some Athletic Facilities:

- Register an athlete's profile

Complete recording of athlete's professional information including level, biography and pictures

- Exercise, diet and nutrition programs

Ability to receive exercise and nutrition programs from fitness trainers

- List of gyms and trainers

Ability to view and communicate with trainers and gyms

- Gym memberships  

Membership in gyms

- Fitness, Yoga and Pilates movements bank

Full bank of fitness, yoga, Pilates exercises including videos, specifications and descriptions of the movement.

- Offline movements

Download fitness, yoga, Pilates exercises and watch them without the internet

- Music Bank

Complete Sports Music Bank

- Run an exercise program

Possibility to get PDF version of training program and execution in two simple and advanced ways, recording daily training information and sending report to trainer

- Implement a nutrition and supplement program

Ability to download the program's PDF file and use reminders for meals

- Health records

Ability to file health records and record weight, BMR and BMI records


Some features of the trainer section:

- Registration of user profile by the trainer and added to the trainer bank

Complete record of professional trainer information including sports, track record, coaching backgrounds, medals, credentials images, personal images, biography and program pricing information to register with trainers

- Gym memberships

Ability to join gyms and be added to the gym trainer list

- View program request list

Trainers are able to view the athletes' program request form, message to the athletes, and determine the program cost according to the athletic information.

- Create fitness programs

Trainers can use gymshow's innovative programming system to create training programs in the simplest possible way, without the need for the internet. It is noted that trainers can choose from hundreds of gymshow fitness exercises or from self-generated exercises.

- Create nutrition and supplement programs

Trainers can create nutrition and supplement programs in the simplest possible way, without the need for an internet connection, and send them to athletes.

- See gymshow's fitness exercises

Trainers whose credentials and coaching credentials are verified can use the gymshow fitness Bank.

- Recording the trainer's proprietary movements

Trainers can record their own movements including movement information, muscles involved, videos and movement pictures in the app. It is noted that if the trainer wishes, the movement created in the name of the trainer will be added to the trainers’ movements.

- See athlete training report

Trainers can view reports of their athletes' sending exercises (including time spent in the gym, performance percentage, rate of movement, weight recorded by the athlete, etc.) and can be used to guide and control their athletes.


Some gym Facilities:

- Register gym information and add to gym bank

Gyms are able to register their information (features, sessions, images, location, contact information, etc.) to be add to the gym bank.

- Register gym news and inform trainers and athletes

Gyms can record their news and inform trainers and athletes if they wish (by sending a notification). It is noted that the news posted on the gym's personal page is publicly viewable.

- Manage the list of trainers and athletes

Gyms can view trainers and athletes membership request lists and approve or reject them.

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