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You're just one step away from Cleano.
Your clothes are going to have happy hours with us and also you with them.
Today with the development of science and evoultion of urban lives, humans have found a lotf of concerns which this has lead to busy minds and reduction of quality in routine activities. If this sentence, "You don't have to waste your time in trafiic anymore" or similar sentences like this are the slogans of many startups are always explainable and we should accept using mobile application services saves our time and and money and helps with the pollution issues of Tehran.
The story starts when you begin looking through the Cleano application and choose your wanted service and selecting it. From then, you can watch all your steps like order confirmation, reception of clothes by cleanodrivers, washing, packing and delivery.
Cleano by using anti-bacterial, non-allergic and antifungal cleaners tries to clean your clothes scientifically, no matter how your clothes have become dirty and how much impurities they've got. All the clothes which move out of Cleano are cleaned equally.
In any location under our coverage, you can make cleanodrivers to pickup your clothes. Then you can have it delivered at any time or location even different to the one they have collected it. The packages will be advanced and mechanized.
Transportation has no cost in Cleano and it's all free so you don't pay anything for that.
After your clothes were delivered, you will have your receipt emailed.

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You really should just try Cleano once, to feel the difference.

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