ZissApp (Khorramabad)

ZissApp (Khorramabad)

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Ziss intelligent waste management system

 (Only in Khorramabad)

 Ziss is a reliable on-site dry waste collection system. With Ziss, simply collect, separate, and deliver the dry waste of your home or workplace to the Ziss ambassadors according to your own schedule, both helping the environment and earning money.

 How to use Ziss application

 First, users must install the relevant application version that is provided to them on their mobile phones. After that, they must enter the application menu by registering and entering the password. To use its services, users can proceed according to the following steps:

Users of waste management software must map their desired origin to Tibet and submit their request for waste delivery.

 In this section, even the user can announce the time for delivery of his recycled waste.

 After the user request is registered in the system. The nearest Pakban announces his readiness and arrives at the door of his building at the appointed time to deliver the garbage.

 Users can receive their recycled waste costs in cash.

 There is also a section called Support in this application where users can communicate with supporters through the program and express all their comments, suggestions and even complaints to be followed up.

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