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mobile car wash services

Looking for a quick and easy way to request carwash and Car Detailing service?

With the Hub Car application you just need to specify location of your vehicle, your preferred time, your required services, vehicle model and simply submit your request online in the Hub Car website or App. This is all it takes for Hub Car team to show up at your location on the specified time to provide you with the required Car Wash Services. With online and credit payment, you no longer need cash since you can easily pay your carwash and Car Detailing fee by any credit card or increase the credit of your user account.

In Hub Car, with 24/7 support in form of Ticket in Panel, even on holidays you could enjoy our services and if you have any questions or require any assistance our team will be there to support you all the time. Currently, Hub Car is exclusively active in Tehran,mashhad Iran.

Reducing Indirect Costs

When you go to Carwash to wash your car, in addition to spending time in crowded queues of carwashes and wasting time in Tehran's traffic until arriving at the destination, you will inevitably have to consider such costs as gasoline, car depreciation and accident risks, which you’d better reduce these costs by changing your car washing style.

Not Paying Tips to Personnel

Today, in carwashes, in addition to        paying for washing costs, if there is no tip, nothing will be done. But with the changes in the existing process, Hub Car can give you assurance that the payments are according to the standards and the person in charge of washing the car is not authorized to ask for any extra payment as tip or bonus.

Increased Washing Quality

Utilizing world’s modern technologies and using high quality detergent material that are supplied from best global brands, Hub Car can provide the safest service with the highest quality by its trained staff, and can reduce the damages inflicted to your car due to unfamiliarity of most carwash centers and their employees.

Time Scheduling

Nowadays, we are often looking for ways to reduce our daily concerns. Choosing online application services can reduce these concerns. With proper planning, you can request carwash services using online carwash application when you are not using your personal vehicles.  

Not Having to Stop in the Carwash Area

Another concern of car owners during the time their car is being washed, especially women, is stopping at the unsuitable environment of carwash. They often have to make the difficult decision of being present at the carwash location. But they surely will not be happy with having to spend their time in this unsuitable environment. Also, people who work in an office who always have a problem with time spent and wasted during the washing of their cars, can use carwash services online when their car is parked in front of their home, at a parking and or near their workplace and when they don’t need their care at that time.

Saving Water and Protecting the Environment

With regard to the recommendations of the environmental experts and their concerns expressed regarding the wastewater of carwashes that are not treated, as well as the crises of water shortage and air pollution, Hub Car group has sought to help resolve this crisis and has come up with a solution in order to be able to be diligent in saving the environment and reducing per capita water consumption by creating the online carwash software at each location.


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