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Introducing the bicycle application:

"Bicycle" is an application for Tehrani citizens, which encourages cyclists to take a dynamic and energetic trip instead of staying in traffic and spending a lot of money for daily traffic. It doesn't matter if you have a personal bike or use shared bikes for your daily commute. It is enough to install the bicycle application to access the information needed for cycling in Tehran and use its facilities easily.

How to use the bicycle application?

1- Run the bicycle application.

2- If you want to use all the services of the application, first complete your profile completely.

3- By specifying the origin and destination on the map, choose the type of routing you want and move to the desired destination.

4- By recording your daily trips, find out about your effectiveness in reducing environmental pollutants.

5- By participating in the campaigns, challenges and events of the bicycle application, enter into a constructive and cultural competition to reach a better and cleaner city.

6- Be effective in promoting cycling culture by sharing your travels and experiences on the bicycle social network.

7- Get points, share your experiences and progress in the bicycle social network.

Advantages of using the bicycle application

1- Fast access and easy to use

2- The possibility of accessing all types of routing and using the speaker router feature

3- The possibility of using diverse and practical information layers in the field of cycling, such as cycling routes, bicycle-friendly buildings, shops, bicycle repair shops, etc.

4- The possibility of using more than 90 layers of information required in the city of Tehran in order to view and navigate to the desired point.

4- It is possible to view the status of air pollution indicators of Tehran city in the user's current location

5- The possibility of recording the problems of the cycling route while navigating by connecting to the 137 plus system

6- The possibility of sharing the route and pictures taken along the route in the social network section and getting to know other cyclists and their activities.

7- The possibility of planning for individual health in the My Health section by setting the goal of the amount of calories consumed in 30-day periods.

8- Ability to quickly access the dashboard page to view summary reports of your performance

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خیلی چرت و بدرد نخوره. یعنی من نمیتونم جای دیگه ای به غیر از تهران با دوچرخه برم بیرون؟ یعنی چی آخه؟ بقیه شهرارو هم اضافه کنید دیگه
Mehdi miri
Mehdi miri
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