Version 5.9.4
Install +30 M
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Size 18 MB
Last Update 2023 September 25


Version 5.9.4
Install +30 M
Category Tools
Size 18 MB
Last Update 2023 September 25
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MyMCI, the first companion of digital life

In MyMCI, the extensive services of Hamrah-e Aval are available for prepaid and postpaid subscribers in absentia and online, and users can easily view and use the services they want. Some of the most important services provided are as follows:

• Ability to view the user profile and manage all SIM cards of subscribers in both simple and advanced modes

• Ability to view details and instant payment of hot bill and end-of-term bills for postpaid subscribers and the possibility of debt installment and installment payment and view the bill payment history.

• Possibility to increase the credit of postpaid subscribers in order to prevent intermediate line interruption, especially when using international roaming

• View SIM card credit balance for prepaid subscribers by type of charge, purchase normal, wow, youth and women charge, and view the charge purchase history

• Ability to use the emergency umbrella service (emergency call and charge) for prepaid subscribers

• View and manage all active packages of subscribers by type of package and service

• Purchase, activate and manage all packages provided by Hamrah-e Aval in the groups of Internet, call, SMS and customized packages and dts (Madar-e Firouzeie)

• Activating and benefiting from incentive schemes such as birthday gifts, accelerated payment gift and periodic and occasional gifts

• Join the customer club (Firouzeie Club) and enjoy attractive and exciting incentive schemes

• Ability to get in detail call summary

• Possibility of transferring credit from postpaid and prepaid SIMs to prepaid one

• Ability to purchase modems and SIM cards

• Possibility to convert prepaid SIM card to postpaid one

• Ability to disconnect and reconnect SIM card (due to missing or user request) or  expropriate SIMs

• Ability to activate and deactivate the pay-as-you-go internet

• Ability to remove prepaid SIM card from the blacklist

• Ability to activate and deactivate roaming service

• Ability to activate and deactivate "Tamasban" service

• Ability to activate and deactivate voice messaging service

• Ability to activate and deactivate the call restriction service

• Ability to activate and deactivate advertising bulk SMS

• View the active ring back tone and the possibility of searching for RBTs and activating or deactivating them

• View facilitate offices around the user and the status of Internet coverage on the map and the possibility of testing Internet speed

• Ability to contact support (call, SMS and email) or to give users the opportunity to request call them back

• Ability to participate in polls and submit suggestions and criticisms

• Ability to manage active user sessions

• Possibility of login biometrically


New Changes

In the new version of MyMCI, problems of the previous versions have been fixed and a more efficient and useful user interface has been provided for Hamrah-e Aval subscribers:


Attractive design changes and simplification of processes and services

In the new version of MyMCI, the user interface has been redesigned in such a way that users with a user-friendly, attractive and different environment can benefit from the services they want in simpler processes and paths.


Simple and advanced mode

In the simple mode of new version of MyMCI, the user can easily view and manage the main services he/she needs on just one page. In this case, the user can switch to any of his/her numbers and see his /her customer club score and can be directed to club, see e-wallet balance and its transactions, view active packages by package type and service. Besides, subscribers can purchase a new package, view and pay the hot bill, or view and purchase the charge balance of your prepaid SIM card.

Also, in advanced mode, subscribers can see, manage, and use all MyMCI services.


E-wallet and mobile payment gateway

Due to the time-consuming payment of bills, purchase of charge and packages from bank gateway, this possibility has been added in new version of MyMCI in order that subscribers can use an e-wallet to pay with just few clicks and take advantage of desired services. The e-wallet can be used in all digital mobile services such as MyMCI, Ewano and upcoming products, and special campaigns and prizes will be offered to subscribers using it.

Also, in new version of MyMCI, it is possible to pay through the mobile payment gateway with a better user experience and faster than the regular internet payment gateways.


The most comprehensive platform for purchasing and activating Hamrah-e Aval packages

In order to provide the best user experience in purchasing and activating Hamrah-e Aval’s packages, all packages offered in all channels have been integrated and offered in MyMCI app:

• Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and long-term internet packages in the categories of normal internet, shabnet, sobhanet, unlimited internet and gifts

• Customized packages based on user taste and needs

• Hamrahi Internet, calls and SMS packages

• Extra 5% more charge for normal charge

• Wow charge, youth and women charge

Ability to pay bills immediately

In order to improve the user experience of postpaid subscribers and raise the transparency in the billing process, it is possible to immediately zero the bill, debt and related bill as soon as the hot bill, end-of-term or bill installment is paid.


Offer periodic and occasional prizes

In new version of MyMCI, there is possibility to activate all periodic prizes (such as Dushanbe Soori internet package) and occasional prizes (such as Eidaneh package), so subscribers can be informed about these prizes by visiting the app regularly and take advantage of it.


Other new services of new version of MyMCI

In new MyMCI, new functional services have been added and made available to users, including:

• Ability to view active packages in certain categories

• SIM conversion service to convert prepaid SIM to postpaid one

• SIM Expropriation service

• Modem and SIM card purchase service from Hamrah-e Aval online shop

• Activation and deactivation of "Tamasban" service


In conclusion, the new version of MyMCI meets all the needs of the Hamrah-e  subscribers in an attractive environment.

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بسته بلند مدت ۷۰گیگ یک ساله چرا حذف شده ... و این که چرا ارسال شارژ محدود شده و مبالغ دل خوا نیست مثل برنامه بانکی هرچه قدر به خوای پول کارت به کارت کنی تازه شما از پیامک برای حریم خصوصی استفاده می کنید این دو تا پیگیری بشه
farzad ghaderi
farzad ghaderi
سلام خسته نباشید اول اینکه خواهشا کد واسه ریز مکالمات رو بردارین بعد هم ورود به خلاصه کارکرد و...آدم رو میندازه بیرون خواهشا درستش کنین
همش حمایت کردم ولی دیگه حمایت کافیه؛ چرا ؟ چون بروزرسانی که می‌ذارید فقط بسته‌های اینترنتی را مصرف می‌کنه و هیچ سودی نداره البته چرا داره ؛ سودشم اینه که گوشی‌های قدیمی‌تر را پشتیبانی نمی‌کنه حالا به من بگو جناب همراه من : برای چی باید بهت امتیاز بدم ؟! اصلاً دو سه تا کار کوچیک بیشتر انجام میده؟؟!!!

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