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What is PABEPA?

  • PABEPA is a simple solution for having a healthy lifestyle. No matter where you are, you can still get one step closer to your exercise goals by having PABEPA application installed on your phone without access to any facilities. You can also cook healthy and tasty foods by following recipes posted on PABEPA Instagram page.

7-Minutes Workout Developed by PABEPA

These workouts are based on most recent scientific researches and are currently very popular across the world. High intensity with very short break between break are the main feature of this type of workout which can greatly increase body metabolism up to where calories burnt, are equal or sometimes more than regular one hour workouts.

But what is the best part?

Workouts are very simple and you do not need any special equipment so you can do it wherever you want.

Features of Application: 

- Excellent design 

- Effective workout routines with instruction videos by experienced trainers  

- Fitcook for those looking for proper meals 

- Group challenges 

For updates, challenges and useful information about healthy diets, please follow PABEPA Instagram and Telegram accounts: « @pabepafit » 

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