Step Counter - Pedometer

Step Counter - Pedometer

Version 1.2.6
Install +2 K
Category Health & Fitness
Size 25 MB
Last Update 2024 April 9
Step Counter - Pedometer

Step Counter - Pedometer

Hitchhike Tech
Version 1.2.6
Install +2 K
Category Health & Fitness
Size 25 MB
Last Update 2024 April 9
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Looking for a simple & accurate pedometer app to auto record your daily steps? Try this best pedometer for all Android devices.

Step Counter uses the advanced exercise tracker built-in, auto tracks your daily steps, calories, walking distance & duration accurately. No GPS tracking, greatly saves your battery. No Wi-Fi required, tracks your walking offline.

❤️ <font color="#0076BA">The Best & 100% Free pedometer app</font>
- Easy to Use
- Auto Track Steps
- Support Offline Mode
- Accurate & Power Saving
- No Wearables Required
- Work with all Android Devices

It's the best walking tracker ever to help you stay fit and lose weight with all the step tracking features you need.

🚶 Easy to Use
This free step counter is super easy to use, all you need to do is tap the START button and it will automatically start counting your steps whether your phone is in your hand or pocket, even if the screen is locked.

🚗 Pause & Resume
You can pause background step tracking to avoid automatic step counting while driving, and resume it whenever you want. The sensitivity of the built-in sensor is also adjustable for more accurate step counting.

🔐 100% Free & Private
Completely free pedometer app for all ages! All features are accessible without logging in, your data is 100% safe and will NEVER be disclosed to any third party.

📊 Graph by Week/Month/Day
Step counter tracks all your walking data (steps, calories, duration, distance, speed) and represents them in charts. You can view the data by day, week, month, or year to check your exercise trends.

👊🏻 Hit 10,000 Steps
It turns out that walking can improve your overall health and make you feel better. Free Step Counter, also a walking tracker is the best way to help reach your daily step goal of 10,000 steps for better health.

📤 Backup & Restore
You can back up your data to the Cloud and restore it anytime. Never worry about losing data when changing devices anymore.

🚀 Upcoming Features
· Customize training mode
· Drink water reminder
· Body weight recording
· Blood pressure recording
· Achievements

Try our advanced yet simple pedometer app to complete your daily step goal of 10,000 steps, and walk towards better health.

Try this pedometer if you
- Want a free & accurate pedometer app
- Want to record your daily exercise data
- Want to lose weight & keep fit
- Want to hit your daily step goal of 10,000 steps

- In order to track your steps accurately, be sure to enter your real information in the settings, which will affect the calculation of your walking distance and calories.
- You can adjust the sensitivity to improve step counting accuracy.
- Due to system limitations, some devices may stop counting steps when the screen is locked. We are sorry we couldn't fix it, this issue is beyond our scope.

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