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Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi: “Whenever a physician succeeds in treating diseases with food, he has reached prosperity.”

Sib Diet Clinic is the winner of 2nd National Festival of Health Industry award (2018) among the Iranian Health Nutrition Institutes, held by Iranian Health Education and Promotion Association and Food and Drug Administration of Iran.

SibDiet Specialized Nutrition Application is the provider of special diets, particularly obesity and thinness, according to Mizaj and Metabolism. This application belongs to the “Taam Asrar” Nutrition Institute with management of Dr. Roshandel. SibDiet Application allows you to register all the family members and access to their diet programs on a mobile phone at the same time.


“Taam Asrar” Nutrition Institute is working as SibDiet diet-therapy expert advisor’s office with the official authorization of Ministry of Health and Medical Council.

SibDiet Clinic is the first and the only private institution, provider of research services, nutrition and traditional medicine.

- Provider of more than 500 kinds of diet-therapy, according to Mizaj and Metabolism such as:

M.S, cancerous diseases, cardiovascular, diabetic, chronic headaches, renal problems, high uric acid, iris and osteoporosis, digestive diseases, etc.

- Provider of specialized diets for cases like:

Lactation, obesity, pregnancy, infancy and youth, anxiety and exams period, Ramadan fasting diet, emaciation, skin and hair balance, athlete’s diet, elderly special diets, hardworking artists diet, vegetarian’s and etc.

To receive or extend your diet, simply enter your case number, or sign up in the app for the diet.

Communication and asking your questions from doctor will be possible through the app.

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