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With the Workapp, you can easily order the specialized services of your home and office. Experienced

and committed desk managers will make your order at the right price at the time and place you are

looking for and will be done as easily (with just a few clicks)

You can safely imagine your work with desk specialists; experts selected from the best of the city's

experts and who have been honored in various technical and ethical interviews.

Advantages of using the workapp:

Do your job by qualified and qualified specialists

Free advice if needed

Possibility to register orders for free at any time and in any place

Ability to cancel the order without paying any fees

Saving time

Access to diverse and specialized services

Ensure the right price

Follow the support team to complete the work and satisfy customer satisfaction

quality guarantee

workapp services:

You can now use all of the workapp Services ; the workapp Services include:

Types of Renovation and Decoration Services (from window lining to cabinets to building and flooring

and ceramic tiles)

Plumbing and facilities (service of water and gas coolers to canalization and engine room repair)

Construction (from the most basic services to the construction of the foundation and implementation of

the foundation)

Electric service (from installation of chandeliers to CCTV installation)

Rental of machinery and tools (including tow trucks, crane types and other construction machinery)

Cleaning and washing (home cleaning, carwash and car wash nano and carpet weaving)

* This software version is made only for residents of Alborz province.

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