McSecure Antivirus & Security PRO

McSecure Antivirus & Security PRO

Version 1.0.3
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McSecure Antivirus & Security is the ultimate security solution for your Android device. Thanks to its powerful scan engine and comprehensive features, McSecure is offering advanced protection against mobile threats, such as Viruses, Spyware, Trojans and many more.

McSecure is also helping to keep your privacy safe by analysing installed Apps and their permissions. And in case your device gets lost, you can track the location and block it from unauthorized access.

As we take your security and privacy serious, McSecure also offers secure messages, call filtering and task management.

Start protecting your device today with the latest security technology from McSecure!


- Antivirus with on-access and on-demand scan
- Ad detection
- Secure messages
- Phone filtering (block calls/messages)
- Theft protection (locate and remote control the device)
- Control App permissions
- Task Manager
- Automatic database updates
- Widget

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