Version 4.4.3
Active installs

Dear user, please be sure to buy and use the program to perform the following note:

● To view the map correctly the latest version of Google Play Services must be installed on your phone

● The program has license No. 20101256 digital media center and its main use is when your phone is lost or stolen and you want to see its position

● When you do not track that you want to track a mobile device that is connected to the Internet or MSN clear Gps

● One of the uses and purposes of the program is used when you want your young children or the elderly, a subtle mind control

● The program must be pre-installed on the mobile phone you want to track and verify installed

● Send and receive information on this program can be done by SMS (short message is sent, and the thief or thieves secretly tracking device did not)

● When you want the phone to track stolen or missing person does not need to approve your request and this is automatically done

● If you want to track your Android phone is below 4.4 Location SMS application on the phone will not be stolen

● One is ability to hide the app icon due to stolen or missing phone security person did not install the program and can not remove it

● After hiding the program can run with dial * 123 654 *

Support program in the telegram:

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