Bodybuilding Principles

Bodybuilding Principles

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Perhaps those who get to keep fit and practicing unprincipled have to use dangerous drugs, sometimes causing irreparable damage will be.

This application has tried to provide relatively complete information about steroids, nutritional supplements, diets appropriate and principled contribution to be dear.


1) ... content available in the app:

Full study of protein powders:

(Milk protein

Milk Protein Isolate

Whey Protein

Whey protein types)


(Beef protein)

(Egg white protein)

And ...

2) ... 28 day fat loss regime came

3) ... What is it?

(Creatine do and what scientific studies have confirmed it?)

(Who is going to need creatine and creatine deficiency symptoms mean?)

(▪ taking creatine from a statistical point)

(How much creatine should be taken? Are there side effects?)

(Types of creatine)

(How to use)

(Side effects of creatine)

(The use of creatine in sports?)

And ...

3) ... 5 kg increase muscle mass in 10 weeks

4) ... all about BCAA (types and how to use them along with the side effects of steroids)

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