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Doctorjaan the anti-corona app

With the intention of using technology and utilizing the power of physicians and medical staff to control the coronary crisis, the site and the application (Dr. Jaan) were on the agenda.

The system is able to integrate the information of all volunteer doctors in the country seamlessly with the app users. In this application, the clinicians and treatment centers are introduced to all users.

Interested pharmacies and clinicians and therapists will enter their specifications in the relevant panel and will be ready to consult and remotely visit users. Users can send their medical history, picture and medical record description electronically.

This app has the role of direct communication between the physician and the general public so that the general public can be aware of their illness and the necessary treatments and access to medical services in the shortest time without the need for in-person visits. It reduces unnecessary traffic and serves the public. It also anticipates the introduction of other medical centers, hospitals, laboratories, imaging centers.

This saves you time and money, no need to go to medical centers for counseling and appointments. You can also chat or make voice calls online with the therapist, or send a picture of the doctor and doctor The therapist will provide the necessary answers online.

We hope that by launching this app, we will take a small step towards enhancing our Islamic homeland and serving our beloved people.

Free medical consultation

DoctorJaan is one of the first in the health sector to develop public health. At this site the general public can ask us their medical questions and our doctors will come back to answer your loved ones as soon as possible. It should be noted that all consultations are free of charge and you do not need to pay any fees from your dear user. Online medical advice is not a substitute for a doctor, but in many cases medical consultation can help you find the cause. It is possible to get medical advice from all over the world with the help of your doctor. Just download the app and ask your question.

Why a doctor's medical consultation?

• 24hours of free expert response

• Ability to select the desired specialty

• Ability to record questions and get answers at the earliest opportunity

• Protecting patient information with physicians

The experienced doctors on the site all have valid medical licenses and are members of the Medical System Organization which you can safely do. To this end, we invite all physicians with the same goal in common to us and we sincerely wish to God be with them.

Book your doctor's appointment

In recent years there have been large companies that have met the needs of the people. One of the needs that people have always been concerned about is the crowded back-of-the-box queues. The insurance booklet piled on the clerk's desk, long waits for five o'clock in the morning, and dozens of such problems are a waste of time. The problems that led to the implementation of a valuable idea to meet these needs.

We have provided a platform for users and compatriots in the application and site of doctorjaan to be able to receive their favorite doctor's appointments from various medical centers away from the bustle of offices and clinics! The ability to record shifts without limitation in any way you like is easier than distinguishing your doctor from other shift systems. Website, app, phone, telegram and so on are your favorite doctor-to-appointment modes designed and designed solely for your convenience.

We, with a very strong team at doctorjaan, have made every effort to be a stronger link between you and the physicians with the simplest possible interface, and to fulfill our mission of serving our people with a heartfelt and loving heart. Yes, we believe that the nearest doctor is your phone, so install our app Choose your doctor and take your turn with a few clicks ... so easy!

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