Mashverapp Consulting Application

Mashverapp Consulting Application

Version 3.5.9
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The goal of this project is to promote the level of health of the psychological community by employing expert counselors in the field of psychology. The program is designed to maintain a safe space for the advice of unknown people along with maintaining privacy.

Consultancy programming is supervised and supported by the Islamic Azad University Science and Technology Park, and at the initiative of the Pishtazan Idea Novin Atlas, a company based in Science and Technology Park.

The Consultant application uses voice communication, but anonymously, so that user numbers are not visible for the consultant and not the consultant's number, it is possible to hold psychological counseling sessions (calls are made from the mashverapp server and has no costs for the user and the consultant)

To coordinate the user and the consultant, and the user can find the consultant with which it can communicate better, it is possible to make text and voice chat in the app so that the user first discusses the subject with the consultant and if agreed The parties will continue to hold sessions, voice call with the consultant from the user's side.

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