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Whatever you want from the pharmacy, just send us a photo of that!

Darookoo, with a core of Sharif University of Technology graduates, is the first Intelligent delivery system of pharmaceutical goods.

You don't have to stay in traffic anymore, we look for your medicines and orders, find them and deliver to you!

In the app you will first send us a clear photo of your prescription or your intended pharmacy product (including everything such as supplements, cosmetics, mother and baby, orthopedics, medical equipment, or any pharmacy product). By sending your order to the system, this request will be sent to the pharmacies of the city in order of distance priority. After receiving the response from your nearest pharmacy, Pharmacy phone will be sent to you.

Now Darookoo is Done!

Contact the pharmacy and coordinate all the features of your order (including price, type of order, manufacturer, number, insurances accepted by the pharmacy, dosage, method of use, amount of usage, time of use, etc.) with the pharmacy. After the order is finalized, the pharmacy will coordinate with you the items related to sending the order, including the time of arrival of the pharmacy courier and the address to which the order is to be delivered to you, and at the end deposit the order amount for the pharmacy card number. If the order in question is of a Medical type, a doctor's prescription is required, and Darookoo only serves dear users who have a doctor's prescription, and the sale of any medicine cannot be done without a doctor's prescription.

If you would like to take the order from the pharmacy yourself, indicate your order number when you visit the pharmacy!

Please note that after Darookoo notifies you of the pharmacy's phone number, from now on all work will be done in coordination with you and the pharmacy, and Darookoo will have no role in sending the order and after.


Support phone: +982188379144

Darookoo phone: +989902900080

Website: https://darookoo.com

Mail: info@darookoo.com

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