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Mobile City Ready Software

A community-based approach, the basis of prevention, reducing the risk of accidents and increasing resilience

It is a city and culture can be increased in this area and the number of citizens aware

Accelerate and facilitate the process of reaching a resilient and prepared city. In the presence of an informed citizen

And changing their behavior in the area of disaster risk reduction and crisis management, institutional actions

Responsible, more effective and investments in this area will flourish because

And reduced investment risk, reduced costs of countering, restructuring and rehabilitation

And its benefits are accessible in the future.

This software is designed to provide disaster management citizenship services including public information, citizenship plans and training, application tools, and rapid access by citizens to relief centers that the user needs as soon as the software is installed to access it. Enter mobile phone number to get activation code which after activation will receive username and surname of software user with display of 3 menus.

It is worth noting that the contact's name and surname are kept in the software database (under the server) and will be used to provide some services such as family status and public reports as backing data.

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