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Last Update 2020 January 9
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Category Medical
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Last Update 2020 January 9
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This native application has been designed by Rooyan Darou pharmaceutical Company to provide fully extended product list which mainly includes three major animal categories. The main goal was submission a simple way to access to the products information by clinicians and people involved in this industry. Easy search and reliable assortment would enable the user to access to the information with minimum effort.

Some of the features are: 

• Products By Animal Species 

• Products By Category(Antibiotics, Vitamins,..) 

• Search Based on Brand Name 

• Search Based on Generic Name 

• Filtering The Product List Based on Manufacturer (Made By Rooyan Darou, Imported) 

• Filtering The Product List Based on Physical Form(Powder, Suspension,…) 

Right after selecting a product category, the app provide list of many products which include generic & brand names, symbol color and animal species

Selecting a product from this list will navigate the user to the product detail page which illustrates the product name, photo, as well as additional information such as usage, cautions,.. 

If the product is usable for different animals, the application illustrates animal symbolic icons to ensure that the user is fully aware of the target animal species. 

Findly, Search feature offers a real time result for the user input based on the generic name.

All information about Rooyan Darou Pharmaceutical Co (address, telephone number,…) have been mentioned in the website and relevant application.


Address : iran ,tehran ,nejatollahi ,salman pak ,Rooyan Darou Co

Postal Code : 15996-89111

Telephone : +982157803000 , Fax: +982188896595

Email :

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