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The Ipino app in the new release includes four sections

1- Chat online with your doctor

In this section you can talk to specialist and general practitioners and experts in the field of psychology, marriage, marriage and nutrition with text, photos and audio.

2- Doctors Information

Classified information on thousands of Khuzestan doctors including:

* Doctor's name

* Doctor's specialty

* Business days and hours

Contract insurance and Hassan type of insurance

In-app information is available for most cities in Khuzestan.

3. Interpretation of the experiment

You can get a full and accurate interpretation of your experiment at a very reasonable cost without spending extra time to wait or wait in traffic and busy urban areas by posting a photo of your test leaf and answering a few short questions. .

4- Health media

Contains the most up-to-date and varied medical information and interviews with top health professionals

The information provided in the IPINO software for users' use is provided by the PINO team's day-to-day development and management team's physical presence in the cities and the gathering of fully reliable information in urban areas, physician buildings, pharmacies and all health centers. have became

And before the information is classified in software

To access this information until the software is prepared, many of the information collected on the telegram channel "Medicare Khuzestan" has been entered at "drkhouz @" where you can see the information on this channel {this channel belongs to Arman Technologies Co. is a Pino City}

- In this regard, as the information in many books and websites has not been updated, our team has collected comprehensive information on relying on manpower and the physical presence of the bank.

This software product is the company: " Fanavaran Arman SHahr Pino"

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