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- Comprehensive database with information about health and medicine
 - Accurate and advanced
 You have to find words among thousands of drugs and diseases and medicinal plants and traditions and ...
- Generic drugs
Batvzyhat comprehensive hundreds of chemical drugs grouped alphabetically for easy access on
- diseases
More than six hundred fully describe the type of disease, including symptoms - causes (causes and reasons) - Detection and Prevention - means the outbreak - History All Gyry- diagnosis - prevention and treatment, etc. This section also classified is just letters for fast and convenient access
- First aid training
- Herbal Essences
I have to tell you I
In this section a lot of herbal extracts and cold as they are hot - Properties therapeutic effects and complications Contraindications determine which factors - the size of consumption - have placed their Vfvayd Vzrrha
- Medicinal Plants

In this section we have tried to provide all the medicinal plants with scientific names of plants and plant properties Asrdrmany side effects and contraindications, dosage and it is incumbent
- Medical Traditions
Islamic literature review clearly shows that one of the main objectives and the wisdom of Islamic laws and regulations, preventive medicine, disease prevention and health through human beings. God, asserting that the Qur'an and the life-giving light and its programs, human population to health care, will lead

Alshray of resources including books, fiqh al, pray al-Islam, Man la yahduruhu al-Faqih, Mustadrakat Alvsayl, Nahj al-Balagha, Knzalmal, medicine and so on Prophet

- The plants Vkhvrakyha (hadiths): Hadith medical treatment in the sector in 1000 in connection with food - -Lbnyat foods - fruits and ... like eggplant - Bean - rice - Anjyr- animal fat - cheese, etc ... Indications complications and time consuming - contraindications - they've put losses and benefits

- Software features:

- Beautiful graphics, color variations in the contents, headers, Highlights

- Quick Search Persian and English in the list of issues

- Share a piece of text or all text

- Discipline and category titles and content of the book

- Add to Wish List

- Set the font size when reading

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