Oriolingo 1 English Learning

Oriolingo 1 English Learning

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Oriolingo is an English language learning application for Persian speakers. Developed in five volumes, the package is suitable for language learners from the basic to lower-intermediate levels, and each volume contains chapters classified by topic. Each chapter consists of three sections: ‘words’, ‘sentences’ and ‘conversations’, each of which is in turn made up of different sub-sections including ‘lesson’, ‘review’ and ‘exercises’. The variety of exercises included in this package allows the user to retain the words and sentences in their long-term memory. The exercises include meaning-based, grammatical, listening and spelling exercises and they aim to help the learner master the words and sentences covered in each of the chapters. This application is recommended for beginner English language learners who wish to learn the basic vocabulary and sentence structure of English in different topics of everyday life.

The content offered in this application runs offline and, once installed, it does not require an Internet connection. The current version is written for mobile phones, and a tablet version is under development and will be uploaded soon.

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