Full training in English

Full training in English

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Learn how you like languages? little? alot ? There are different reasons for learning English! Travel spring (96) and exam and various tests, the foreign scholarship and summary do whatever you think about him ...

We all need a form in English. Here too Khrsnydm long time after that we were able to provide great content and code development plans in the field of English language teaching we provide.

How is the software training method?

The software includes sections for learning are varied.

1 Grammar

In the first part of the software package has been all Gramz English for you. No prerequisites and knowledge of the previous 0 to 100.

2 + Text Media VOA News

Here text + audio files VOA news for you have made up your aural skills and improve new way complete.

3 writing

In this section, writing and English texts from zero to a hundred explained.

4 English in a dream package

English in a dream you heard me right !! We all have people on average per day, about 8 to assign Khvabmvn.

This figure is equal to about 3,000 hours in a year. And 70-year-old man was in an average life of 205,000 hours a :).

Have you ever thought how fine you use this time? The dead hours they can transform your life when other people are sleeping, you can not progress

we are waiting for you .

Some of the features of the software

1 playback or stop background music

2 Change font size

3 has a variety of fonts

4 has the ability to study at night

5 beautiful graphics and use of Material Design Google

6 Ability to add content to Favorites

7 Ability to search in content

8 24-hour product

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