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Hamyarzaban application has four main steps:

1- Free level determination (according to CEFR international standard)

2- Learning (teaching and testing method)

3- Story book

4- Receiving the language partner certificate

Which we briefly explain each below:

1- Free level determination:

The language assistant application has six levels:

A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 (A1 as the most beginner and C2 as the most advanced level)

As soon as you enter the Hamyarzaban application, we will ask you for a free level determination to determine your level according to the global CEFR standard.

After determining the level, you enter one of the educational levels and start learning the language.

2- Learning (teaching and testing method)

There are a number of lessons in each level that you must earn by passing the skills in which you earn the lesson star.

The trainings in Hamyarzaban application are based on the new training and test method.

In this way, immediately after learning a subject, you fix that content in your mind by taking a test.

The educational content in the application has been prepared and arranged for you by the best professors in the country.

In each lesson we covered 4 main English language skills:

Vocabulary skills:

This section will show you some words. Each word has the following characteristics:

Persian meaning


Phonetic pronunciation

The role of that word in the sentence

Practical example with Persian translation

In a very simple and understandable user interface, you test every ten words you learn immediately so that it is fixed in your mind.

Grammar skills:

Learning grammar is usually always one of the hardest and most tedious tasks that any language learner has ever tasted. Our grammar skills are a weakness of many people who are learning English.

We solved this problem for you!

We have prepared for you short, interesting and understandable textbooks with practical examples for better understanding.

But that is not all!

Since reading these textbooks may also bore you. One of the best professors in the country has taught you textbooks in the form of audio files.

All you have to do is play the audio file, look at the textbook and learn the grammar in the easiest way possible in the world.

Reading skills:

In the reading section, you will see a text that you must read carefully and understand the story that the text intends to tell.

You will now be taken to the test section and your understanding of that text will be measured by testing and sorting questions.

Listening skills:

In this section, you should play an audio file and preferably listen to it carefully with handsfree.

During or after listening, you can answer the questions from the audio file to get the star of this section.

Now you may ask, according to which program should we study the skills of Hamyarzaban application?

We thought of this too!

Based on the level you are at, we have planned for you every day.

In other words, we determined exactly what skills you need to learn in a few days and get the star.


You must answer at least half of the questions in each skill to earn a star. After earning 4 out of 4 skills in a lesson, you can say that you have received a full star!

To get permission to go to the next level, you must earn at least half of the course stars (full star) of your current level

3- Storybook:

Are assistant language trainings summarized only in those 4 skills and training and exams?

Definitely not. We have translated the most popular and best-selling books in the world exclusively for English storybook enthusiasts.

Dear language learners to improve their reading skills with a simple, familiar and fluent translation along with the pleasure of the story.

4- Receiving the language partner certificate:

In the end, after receiving all the C2 level stars, you have the necessary conditions to receive a valid language partner certificate.

After opening the ability to request a language partner certificate, you enter the requested information and finally receive your certificate within 14 working days.

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ممنون از برنامه خوبتون. سپاس
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