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teaching English

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You no longer have to look for multiple programs to learn English 

For the first time, a very practical program with 5 diverse and widely used topics in English
Here we have brought you a program with 5 diverse and very popular English language topics. This program includes the following headlines:
1) English alphabet
2) English words
3) English numbers from 0 to 1100
4) English conversation
5) English terms
You no longer have to look for multiple programs to learn English
Features and specifications of the program:
• Has a thematic category of trainings
The trainings in the program are in various and orderly categories, so that you will no longer be confused to search for the trainings you want, and by referring to the relevant section, you will have easy access to the training you want.
• Image-based learning
Most tutorials are taught in a visual way with quality and beautiful images, which has multiplied the power of learning and minimized forgetfulness.
• Has audio pronunciation
All tutorials have audio pronunciation; you no longer need to worry about mispronouncing words, numbers, etc. that you can use the tutorials to pronounce the tutorials correctly and correctly. Note that all tones have a very high and good quality.
• Has written pronunciation
All tutorials also have written pronunciation, and this feature is very suitable and efficient for use in places where it is not possible to use audio pronunciation.
• Has a Persian translation
All tutorials have a beautiful Persian translation and it can be said that a tutorial will have a picture, English phrase, written pronunciation, audio pronunciation and a Persian translation.
• Suitable for all ages
The program is designed to meet the needs of all people who are new to English and all those who know English to a great extent and want to increase their English learning with this program;
• High quality images and sounds
We have tried to include all the images and sounds in the program with excellent and very good quality in order to bring the pleasure of learning without forgetting to you dear ones.
• English number tutorials are from 0 to 1100, which are taught professionally
• Has a question and answer mode of conversations and conversations
All conversations in the program have been tried to have a question and answer mode, which has greatly increased the learning of English conversation and has caused the use of two modes of all conversations, that is, we have designed conversations in such a way that you can also Be a questioner and a respondent
• Design based on the needs of users who want to learn English conversation
In this program, we have tried to select topics that are very useful and needed, and most of the topics that have been used in everyday and frequently used conversations have been selected.
• Completely offline and no internet required
All the sounds, images, etc. that have been used in this program are completely offline and without the need for the Internet, which means that you do not need to connect to the Internet to use the program's features such as sounds, etc., but all the features in They are included in the program
• Small size of the program
Due to the features that the program has, it is very small
• Has beautiful and user-friendly graphics
The program has beautiful and user-friendly graphics
• Continuous updates
The program will be completely and continuously updated and supported, and we will try to add new and various content to the program in each update.
Thank you. If you have any comments, criticisms or suggestions, please post them in the comments section of the program

Wishing you success in all stages of life
Thank you very much and goodbye.

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برنامه خوبی هست اما ای کاش زودتر سوالات آزمون رو قرار بدید و کلمات بیشتری قرار بدید.خیلی ممنون
عالیه بی نظیر
عالی عالی😍👌👌👌👍👍
عالی عالی عالی
عالیه 👍👍👍
برنامه ای خوبیه چیزای خیلی مفیدی یاد میده من که خییییییلی از برنامه اش راضی هستم ⭐⭐⭐⭐
مهدی دلشادفر
عالی 👍 بزارید
عالی عالی ممنون از سازنده ۱۰۰۰ تا ستاره هم کمه 👍
عالیه حرف نداره فقط اگه کلمه واصطلاحات ومکالمات بیشتری داشت دیگه بی نظیر بود یکه ستاره به همین دلیل ندادم لطفا بیشترشون کنید ممنون میشم
Unnamed user
برنامه ای بسیار عالی
Mohamad hosein
وای از این بهتر نمی شه چه برنامه عالی هستش واقعا مرسی از این بدنامه واقعا من برنامه به این خوبی ندیدم واقعا ممنون هر کجای دنیا هستید دلتون شاد شاد