Persian Dictionary and translator

Persian Dictionary and translator

Version 1.16
Install +50 K
Category Education
Size 8 MB
Last Update 2021 January 9
Persian Dictionary and translator

Persian Dictionary and translator

Version 1.16
Install +50 K
Category Education
Size 8 MB
Last Update 2021 January 9
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English to Persian and vice versa dictionary and translator and  English learning application for smartphone

دیکشنری و مترجم فارسی به انگلیسی و برعکس و آموزش زبان انگلیسی

Idictionary is an English to Persian and vice versa, dictionary and translator that English learning sections completed it. We try in Idictionary to meet all your linguistic needs and designed features and capabilities that make it possible for users to learn English easily and joyfully. In below we describe some of idictionary features and sections:

1. Offline word translation (English to Persian and vice versa)

This capability works offline and no need to Internet connection, for translating any words, English or Persain, just type it in search box, then after touching magnifier icon or click OK, four main sections will appear:

A. General section: in this section, user see British and American phonetics and pronunciations of word. By pressing speakers, be able to hear pronunciations of word in offline mode, for better sound quality need to connect to Internet. Last things exist in this sections is star, by touching it user can add word to favorite list.

B. Offline section: In this section different meaning and synonymous of word provided, this part no need to Internet connection.

C. Online sections: In this section, definition of word extracted from different sources like Wordnet, google dictionary, Wikipedia etc.

D. Related: in this section related example sentences, Idioms, phrasal verbs, slangs and proverbs listed.

2. Online sentence translation (to 100+ different language)

Sentences translation need to internet connection, by inserting any sentences in search box and selecting input and output languages among about 100+ different languages and touching magnifier icon or press OK, translation simply will be appeared. User can listen to UK and USA pronunciations via clicking speakers.

3. English learning

English learning contents located in home page and ilearn section:

A. Home page: in this page user will learn below items:

- Essential words (3000 words)

- Idioms (in two list, common idioms and full list)

- Phrasal verbs (common phrasal verbs and full list)

- Proverbs

- Slangs

! Attention: slides in this page designed to notify user daily learning program

B. ILEARN PAGE: In this section, below learning contents provided to boost English skills easily:

- learning videos

- Podcasts

- Articles, news and useful texts

! Attention: content in this page can filtered based on speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, for this just touch circles in top of this page

4. Smart tools

Smart tools provided to help users to use idictionary in easy and optimal way:

- Voice recognition and: by this tool, for searching any words or sentences, user can read  it instead of typing.

- Floating window: By activating this option, idictionary is in access everywhere for helping user to translate any texts in other applications.

- Instant translation: by activating this feature as user copy any text, its translation will be appeared rapidly.

- Dark mode: for reading in dark places.

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Atena Dehini
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