English Pronunciation

English Pronunciation

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Category Education
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English Pronunciation

English Pronunciation

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Version 1.15
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Category Education
Size 5 MB
Last Update 2022 January 25
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Why is English pronunciation important?
Have you noticed that sometimes, even though you can speak English well, have a good vocabulary, and use grammar properly, something still does not sound natural? Or in other words, your foreign accent is just too obvious. This can also make understanding you more difficult for other people.

English pronunciation: learn to speak English, speak it right!

However, is it Unchangeable? Do you have to keep your original accent when speaking English?
That depends on how hard working you are in practicing the new sounds. But let's agree on one thing: with some decent practicing you can definitely improves your pronunciation and your accent.

Do you love to speak English like native?
If yes then this is for you. English pronunciation app helps you in developing better English pronunciation skills both in American and UK English accent.

Free English learning lessons
English pronunciation learning and practicing app is free of cost and user friendly so that teacher and students of all grades can get benefit of.
This is an ultimate English pronunciation guide with full offline support, for both students and teachers. It helps you learn, practice and play with English words both in British and American accent. English Pronunciation app teaches you how to pronounce English text, words and or phrases properly.

This app includes set of pronunciation guide/lessons, explanations, examples and exercises.
• English Pronunciation Guide
• Word stress and syllables.
• Long E sound (meet, see)
• Short I sound (sit, hit)
• UH sound (put, foot)
• OO sound (moon, blue)
• Short E sound (pen, bed)
• Schwa sound (the, about)
• UR sound (turn, learn)
• OH sound (four, store)
• Short A sound (cat, fat)
• UH sound (but, luck)
• Soft A sound
• Long O sound
• Long A sound
• Short O sound
• Diphthong (a combination of two vowel sounds)
• P and B sounds
• The Nasal sounds (M, N, NG)
• The F and V sounds
• W sound (wow, quit, where)

Correct Pronunciation
This English pronunciation app is equipped with practice exercise where you can get the correct pronunciation..

English Vocabulary and Homophones
English pronunciation app has huge collections of homophones that will help you recognising tricky words and will boost your English vocabulary.

Select English Accent
You can select British and American accent from English Pronunciation app settings.

Best Practices
For good result go through the lessons from start till end.
Please share with us your good thoughts, improvement and or suggestions.

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